Would You Like to Clean Yourself Emotionally?

25When was the last time you felt guilty? Perhaps you told a white lie to get out of a lunch date? Maybe you ate two slices of cheesecake instead of one?

Guilt is a powerful emotion that along with anger, shame, anxiety, and fear can poison your mental and physical body.

Indeed, the modern world is full of potential toxins, and just as the food you eat plays a role in determining your physical energy, your mood is shaped by the environment your thoughts create.

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Why is Emotional Freedom Technique Training so inferior to Synergistic Kinesiology?

24Emotional Freedom Technique is one of dozens of different kinds of energy healing which work to heal the body and emotions. However, in my experience, and the experience of thousands of other people, any energy technique that makes use of accurate muscle testing, which includes all of the different kinesiology systems, is vastly superior to those that do not use muscle testing (including EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique).

This is because when you use muscle testing, you are literally ‘talking’ to the brain, which knows much more about what it needs than the practitioner does. Unfortunately, most of the people whom I have seen using muscle testing in the USA are not doing it accurately, partly because they don’t do pretests first. This is because they were not taught how to do pretests, or of how critical for accurate muscle testing they are. I teach how to do accurate muscle testing, and the essential pretests, in my Synergistic Kinesiolgy training DVD system, “Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing“.

In addition, by using muscle testing, you can do many different balances to the body, which are extremely powerful and effective.

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Tapping Puts the Power to Heal at Your Fingertips

23When I felt the headache starting behind my eyes, I used the first two fingers on my right hand and began tapping next to my eye and felt the pain ease. I tapped again when I felt self-doubt seeping in at work and later when my daughter’s meltdown stressed me out.

So what is this tapping thing I’m talking about? Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. Discovered in the early ’90s by engineer Gary Craig, EFT is a process of clearing out energy blocks in the body, thereby easing stress and anxiety and promoting well-being. It’s much like acupuncture but without the needles.

In practice, EFT requires you to tap with your fingertips on various meridians or energy centers throughout the body while focusing on the stress, pain, problem or challenge you want to clear.

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Emotional Freedom Technique Foods Matter

22EFT has been hailed as the most powerful new technique in
complementary medicine, able to resolve a wide range of both
physical and emotional/psychologial problems.
Homeopath Patty Hemingway who has been using EFT for
some time in her practice, explains what it is and how it works.

EFT was developed by a counsellor, Gary Craig, who was looking for a way to help people in emotional distress to process their feelings and recover their emotional balance as quickly as possible. It was only later that he became aware of its potential to shift physical symptoms and disease.

Gary Craig was used to counselling people and seeing how emotions changed as a result, but he recognised that this was a slow process, and people often remained in therapy for years. Treatments that seemed to work more quickly were those that involved working directly on the body’s energy flow, such as acupressure, kinesiology, or Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Gary had trained with Roger Callahan the originator of TFT (which combines tapping on the energy meridians with talk therapy) but went on to develop and simplify the system. Although Craig insists that EFT therapists must meet his training requirements if they are to offer EFT to other people, he has also placed basic training manuals and information on the internet and on DVDs, which are readily accessible to all, and can be used for self-help.
The people he treats in his workshops, report instant release from pain, and improvements in other mental/ emotional, as well as, physical symptoms.

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Achieving Trauma And Pain Relief

21What is emotinal freedom technmique ?

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a type of psychotherapy primarily used to treat those experiencing symptoms of trauma. This practice is performed in a way similar to acupuncture and is related to the practice, acupressure. Needles however, are not necessary in EFT. Instead of needles, a person’s fingertips are used through tapping. Also, like acupuncture, points on the body are stimulated to create balance.

In the process of healing, a balanced body (meaning balanced energy) is necessary because energy, which relates to emotions, affects a person’s physical health. The practice of emotional freedom technique creates this energy balance and thus contributes to trauma and pain relief. Effects of EFT last for a long period of time and the process only takes a few minutes to perform. Pain and trauma therapy at a trauma treatment center is another way to achieve relief from pain, PTSD, and trauma.

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